Certain Women



Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Lily Gladstone, Jared Harris, James Le Gros & Rene Auberjonois

Director: Kelly Reichardt

Running Time: 107 minutes

Certificate: 12A - contains infrequent strong language and nudity

Country: USA

Format: 2D


"With these subtle and intimate small-town stories, Kelly Reichardt has fashioned an extraordinary minor miracle. Its melancholy rhythms and lovely, textured performances elevate the film into the unassuming masterpiece that it is"
- Wendy Ide, The Observer

"A chilly, gentle portrait of female characters on the edge, Certain Women’s coda is near-perfect and certain images could stay with you forever. Without seeking to push a one-size-fits-all philosophy, it coalesces magically and suggests many"
- Tim Robey, The Telegraph

"Beneath the big winter skies of Montana and the snow-ridged mountains by the Yellowstone River, daily life seems minuscule. Certain Women brings those tiny figures into focus as the director Kelly Reichardt elicits every nuance from her small-town characters and leaves the viewer on the verge of reading their minds"
- Kate Muir, The Times

"Utterly absorbing, Certain Women has a surprising emotional impact in spite of its lack of obvious dramatic set-pieces. The performances are exceptional and you feel a depth of understanding and sympathy for the characters that simply wouldn’t be there in a more conventional, plot-driven movie"
- Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent

"Certain Women is not the kind of film that breaks box-office records but its rhythms and performances are built to last. This is Reichardt’s third collaboration with Michelle Williams, though the stars of the show are actually Kristen Stewart and newcomer Lily Gladstone"
- Charlotte O’Sullivan, Evening Standard

Winner of the Best Film award at the 2016 London Film Festival, Certain Women is a three-stand portmanteau about the lives of different women in Livingstone, Montana, a town of only 7,000 residents.

With all-round stellar work from an impeccable cast (striking discovery Gladstone is particularly sublime as the near-silent figure struggling to articulate the nature of her interest in Kristen Stewart’s Beth), Kelly Reichardt delivers a beautiful, quiet study of the lives of four women.


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