Emily Beecham, Geraldine James, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Nathaniel Martello-White, Osy Ikhile, Sinead Matthews, Ryan McParland

Director: Peter Mackie Burns

Running Time: 86 minutes

Certificate: 15 - very strong language, drug misuse

Country: UK

Format: 2D

"It’s one of the best films about London living I can recently recall."
-Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

"Daphne is a wisecracking wit who may just resemble women you actually know. Imagine that."
-Anna Smith, Time Out

"Atmospheric and startlingly well performed by the cast, this is a compelling character study. Daphne may find people largely annoying, but there’s inspiration in her determination to find her way."
-Helen O’Hara, Empire

"Intensely inhabited by Emily Beecham, it’s a performance full of jangling discord and serrated edges, capturing a woman at the exact moment when circumstances magnify her already forcefully nihilistic personality."
-Wendy Ide, Observer

"If you’re a fan of Bridesmaids, Obvious Child and/or TV shows such as Girls and Fleabag, you’ll feel a tingle of rapture, roughly 10 minutes into the proceedings. That feeling won’t go away."
-Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

"Beecham is excellent as Daphne, portraying a character who has grown up with a certain level of entitlement."
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

Daphne’s life is hectic, and she is entrenched in the daily rush of her restaurant job and an active nightlife full of new faces. She is the life of the party, but her acerbic humor hides the fact that deep down Daphne is not happy. She is forced to confront the inevitability of a much needed change in her life after she saves a shopkeeper’s life when he gets stabbed during a failed robbery attempt.


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