Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Alfredo Castro, Pablo Derqui, Mercedes Morán & Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

Director: Pablo Larraín

Running Time: 105 minutes

Certificate: 15 - contains sexualised nudity and strong language

Country: Chile (subtitled)

Format: 2D

"A surprisingly funny, wacky take on the radical poet and senator Pablo Neruda. This is a dryly comic cat-and-mouse adventure as a (fictional) police detective pursues Neruda to various hideouts across the country"
- Kate Muir, The Times

"Neruda, as portrayed by Luis Gnecco, is a sensualist whose communist sympathies don’t stop him enjoying life to the full. Larraín gives equal screen time to the detective on his trail: a Clouseau-esque bumbler whose determination not to be a footnote lends the film a tragi-comic heft"
- Neil Smith, Total Film

"A wickedly sumptuous film from Pablo Larraín about the Chilean politician/poet. Starts as political cabaret, turns into dark fairytale, ends as a kind of destiny waltz. Luis Gnecco’s Neruda is worthy to stand beside Philippe Noiret’s in Il Postino"
- Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

"Too many biopics take us through their subjects’ lives, ticking off their achievements and setbacks one by one. That’s why the brilliant Pablo Larrain’s determinedly playful, magical realist-style film about Pablo Neruda is so refreshing"
- Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent

"Pablo Larrain’s ingenious, debonair biopic uses a blend of fact and fiction to celebrate the poet Pablo Neruda and the power of literature"
- Edward Porter, Sunday Times Culture

"An unusual and richly enjoyable love letter to a fellow artist and Chilean, Neruda further marks out Pablo Larraín as a director of serious range and ambition"
- Phil De Semlyen, Empire

Described by Larraín as an ‘anti bio’, Neruda is a dizzying cinematic adventure filmed with playful virtuosity. History, legend and fiction fuse to powerful effect, offering a beautifully performed, shadowy cat-and-mouse thriller, where the celebrated poet, a gloriously contradictory feature, forever eludes those trying to pin him down.


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