Olympic Live Session: Transatlantic Family Band Sitar Experience & Catty Pearson



Transatlantic Family Band, Catty Pearson, Ollie Clark

Director: Chris Kimsey

Running Time: 105 minutes

Certificate: non - Live Performance

Country: UK

Format: 2D

Transatlantic Family Band are a psychedelic rock band born in New York, based in London.
Producer Chris Kimsey is thrilled to welcome them to The Olympic. They shall perform a specially curated, immersive set of improvised music, together with some talented friends: Rodrigo Bourganos (Flare Voyant) on Sitar, Sam Clarke on Shaahi Baja, plus live analog visuals from George Kountouras.
Expect a tapestry of transcending sound augmented with unique real time projections. You are invited on a journey- to experience a soundtrack to a moment in time.

Catty Pearson is a London based Singer/Songwriter/Musician, praised for her authentic song writing and compassionate lyrics Catty’s sound is honest and real. It takes the listener on a flowing internal journey; which speaks to the soul, from the soul. In the words of a faithful fan, “Her voice forms an oasis of serenity amidst the chaos of the world.”
Catty’s has her roots in folk, country and blues, she grew up listening to the sounds of Neil Young, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Norah Joans, Eva Cassidy, Joan Armastrading, Bob Dylan, David Grey, Eddie Vedder, Moby and Leonard Cohen, just to mention a few


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