Olympic Live Session: Alex Francis



Alex Francis

Director: Chris Kimsey

Running Time: 90 minutes

Certificate: non - no certificate; live performance

Country: UK

Format: 2D

Alex Francis was raised in sleepy Hertfordshire town Hitchin, but moved to Brighton to realise his musical dreams in a more creative and exciting environment before relocating to North London last year.

Alex’s emotive melding of rock and soul emerged out of the London grass roots rock scene in 2015 and spurned a completely organic rise to prominence that few singer-song writers have experienced.

Alex opened for Samm Henshaw at his ‘Sound Experiment’ EP launch in August at The Lexington and supported Luke Sital Singh at the Brighton Dome last September. He won the support of Time Out magazine’s ‘Rising Stars’ artist programme early last year, showcasing him at some of his highest profile shows to date. Alex’s debut EP lands early 2017, following collaborative sessions in Nashville, Belfast and London in 2016.


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